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Why Choose JD Energy Solutions

We take pride in our quality of work and putting our customer satisfaction first. We provide our clients with knowledge, service and value that has enabled us to be successful in both residential electrical and in solar.



  • Wide range of services provided

  • We are fully licensed and insured in California

  • Reasonable rates provided and no hidden charges

  • Free estimates for installations





We Design, Engineer & Build Your System

Sit back and relax. Once you sign your contract, we will draft CAD designs, work with your HOA, apply for Permits, install your system, attend the final inspection, and apply for Utility Interconnection & Net Metering. The entire process usually takes 8 – 12 weeks from contract signing to passing final inspection.



100% In-House Labor (No Subcontractors)


Every JD Energy Solutions team member is an employee of the company, including in-house electricians that perform electric panel upgrades and electrical work.




Panel-Level Monitoring

Many solar installation companies do not provide panel level monitoring. At JD Energy Solutions, we want our customers to understand their system and have full access to their production data.



Commitment to Communication & Customer Service

You will be updated throughout the installation of your system and we’re always here to answer any questions you may have. Our commitment to customer service during and after your install is reflected in our customer reviews. We encourage you to read the feedback our customers give us. You are our customer for life.



Brand Neutral

Our energy consultants will present different options without any steering. Let us educate you so you can evaluate your options to make your best informed decision. Our goal is to help you maximize energy efficiency and savings.

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