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Inverter Options

There are 2 types of inverters that we offer: Micro-Inverters, and Central Inverters with optimizers. Just like our panels, we offer the leading brands of inverters.

Enphase Microinverters

Manufacturer’s Warranty: 25 Years (Industry’s best warranty)

With microinverters, the AC – DC conversion happens on the roof. Each panel gets a microinverter, individually optimized for maximum production. If one microinverter or panel fails or is shaded, it will not affect the production of other panels. No large inverter required. 

SolarEdge Central Inverter with Optimizers

Manufacturer’s Warranty: 12 Years Inverter (optional extension to 25 Years), 25 Years for Optimizers

A “hybrid” between micro and string inverters, SolarEdge systems have a central inverter and DC optimizers for each panel, maximizing individual panel production. The central inverter is installed near your utility meter, either at the side of the building or garage for DC – AC conversion.

Inverter Compared



Solar Edge



Central Inverter with Optimizers

No Large Inverter

Individually Maximized Panels

System Monitoring

Panel-Level Monitoring

Sites With Minimal Shading

Sites With Pronounced Shading

Secure Power Supply

How do I choose the right inverter?


Choosing the right inverter involves balancing between cost, length of warranty, and features. One of the most important features to consider is how you will monitor your solar production. Our energy consultants will guide you, helping you choose the right inverter.

We are Solar Panel Brand Neutral

At JD Energy Solutions, we believe in choices. That’s why we are a technology neutral company and offer panels from top solar.manufacturers. Any panel can be paired with either option of Inverter. Therefore giving you the opportunity to choose your favorite brand.

Why Go Name Brand?

The solar industry is rapidly expanding and new manufacturers pop up all the time. Their financial performance and product reliability are unproven. Therefore, so is their warranty. If they fail, a lost warranty will negate all solar savings. That’s why the brands we represent have been in business for decades, are solar pioneers, and will be there to stand behind their product.

The manufactures we represent offer exceptional and reliable solar panels. For efficiency, let your roof be your guide. If you have limited roof space, you’ll likely need the high-efficiency of LG panels. If you have plenty of roof space, we recommend saving money on the system by purchasing Q cell solar panels. They produce lets watts per panel but are cost effective. 

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